Sprints, vibrance and growth at Supermetrics

Supermetrics has joined The Shortcut as a Mastermind Sponsor for Talent Heist During Slush ‘19. This blog is borrowed from their internal channels for employer branding purposes. Edited by Esmeé Xavier, Marketing Coordinator for Talent Heist, 19 November 2019.

One of the best things about working in a growth company like Supermetrics is that you usually get a lot of responsibility right from the start. Learning curves tend to be steep and because there are always things that haven’t been done yet, interesting projects are always up for grabs. We learned from three of our rising superstars, who kindly told us what it is like to work at Supermetrics and what an average day at the office looks like for them.

Touko is a first year Computer Science student at Helsinki University, and he is working part-time in the Frontend Development team at Supermetrics. His first project in the company was to build customized data elements to Google Data Studio.

Aia is originally from Kazakhstan. She has a Bachelor’s in International Business and a Master’s in Business Analytics. At Supermetrics, Aia works in the Data Analytics team building custom reports and dashboards to customers all over the world.

Maliha comes from Bangladesh and has just finished her master’s degree in Computer Science. She works in the heart of Supermetrics focusing on the API’s that make working with data easy for Supermetric’s customers.

How would you describe life at Supermetrics?

The nature of work is quite free, the people are great and we have a lot of fun! Touko
It’s chilled and dynamic at the same time. The work has a lot of variety which keeps things fresh. We have team events, fun kitchen conversations and Friday after work hangouts that make for a nice and friendly vibe. Aia
As I work in the Connectors team, I jump between different integrations so there’s always something new to focus on. I enjoy the different team events and hangouts we have as they bring an added sense of community and togetherness. Maliha

What does your typical day look like?

I work as a part-timer, around two days a week. I usually grab a coffee from the kitchen and get coding. Every other week we have sprint planning, but otherwise, I get to organise my work on my own. Touko
Every morning I check my email to see if there’s anything about ongoing client projects in my inbox while sipping my coffee. Most of my day is spent with customers or building custom report templates for them. Aia
We have a daily standup or sprint planning in the mornings. After that, it’s mainly developing integrations and figuring out any problems with my teammates. I deploy around two times a week. Maliha

Which skills have you most developed since joining Supermetrics?

Actually, I think it’s my English skills. I’m very proud of myself as I have not worked in a place where English is the main language before. Of course, I've also become a better programmer as well. Touko
SQL for sure! I’ve also learned how to use Data Studio, broadened my technical understanding and developed my communication skills a lot. I talk a lot with clients so it is integral to be to the point and have a clear manner of communication. Aia
I’d say teamwork and coding skills. I do coding full time now and need to communicate my plans and progression in our daily standups, which has helped me to be a more effective communicator. Maliha

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve worked on?

I’ve developed a custom visualization from scratch, including making the technology decisions for the project. For this, I had to consider different aspects to ensure that the performance is optimal, among other things. Touko
Google BigQuery. I had to write scripts for client data in SQL. I had studied SQL before, but this was the first time I used in a real-life business case. Aia
For me, it was developing my first integration with PHP for my onboarding. I had only used Java before, so that was a bit of a learning curve. Now I’m working on a Salesforce integration, that’s also pretty challenging. Maliha

What’s the best thing about working at Supermetrics?

The people and the environment are great. People respect each other here, which I highly appreciate. Touko
I like the culture here. People are open and friendly, you can ask anyone anything, anytime. Sometimes you just feel so cosy you end up spending extra time at the office just for the sake of your teammates. You’re also given responsibility and get to take ownership, which is a big deal for a professional at the start of their career. Aia
I like the working environment - even though I work in backend development which, very often, gets pretty focused. My teammates are super helpful and I can always turn to them with my questions. Maliha

What advice do you have for people who'd like to work at Supermetrics?

If you don’t have any experience on the tech we use, that’s ok - be brave to show any code that you have in any language. We look for potential. Touko
I’d recommend investing time in the recruitment process, doing the test task well, and learning about data management and databases. It’s also useful to brush up your English and presentation skills. Aia
If you’re looking for a role in backend development, Supermetrics is a great place to be at. Our work is versatile and you get to learn about DevOps and frontend development too. I enjoy the growth and learning opportunities here! Maliha

If you had to describe Supermetrics in three words, what would they be?

Adventurous, passionate and Sisu! Touko
Vibrant, ambitious and diverse. Aia
Super, multicultural, and startup-of-the-decade! Maliha

8 Reasons to Attend Talent Heist During Slush

by Esmeé Xavier, Marketing Coordinator for Talent Heist, 18 November 2019.

This year, The Shortcut has created a unique event to experience in the middle of Slush Week and all its chaotic glory. Talent Heist is a matchmaking event geared towards connecting top skilled talents from near and far to Finnish scaleups, startups, and high-growth tech companies like Supermetrics, Smartly.io, Hoxhunt, to name a few. So what’s so special about Talent Heist? Take a look at these top 8 reasons, with a little commentary from The Shortcut Team, on why you shouldn’t miss the biggest talent matchmaking event of the year:

1. Access the hidden job market in Finland

8 out of 10 jobs in Finland are hidden, so networking is the most important thing. You’ll be able to expand your network, both with the companies and other people attending.
Maurizio, Head Talent Dude at The Shortcut

2. Enjoy the Slush vibe without the pricey pass

We all know how cool Slush is going to be, but it is also a fairly expensive ticket, especially if you’re currently on the hunt for your next job. Talent Heist is a one-of-a-kind networking event. Not only will you have great opportunities to connect with exciting Finnish companies, but you’ll get to do some laidback bar-hopping with other talented people, and be a part of the entire Slush atmosphere in Helsinki.

3. Get to know your own field

Talent Heist is a good way to know where you stand in the professional field and also learn how to adjust your CV and presentation. You’ll also get to know new friends and know that you’re not alone in the job hunt war! Vickie, Event Production Pro at The Shortcut

4. An event created by top Finnish organizations

The Shortcut has joined forces with some of Finland’s most influential organizations to bring you Talent Heist. We’ve partnered up with Business Finland, City of Helsinki, and TheHub.fi in a collaborative effort to ensure that this will be one of the year’s most successful events.

5. Let that personality shine through

Stop hiding behind applications and get to the recruiters face and seize your spot! The best way to land a dream job is to actually network and get your personality out because you can’t communicate that on paper.” Lis, Head of Community Outreach at The Shortcut

6. Face-to-face conversations are key, according to our in-laws

My mother-in-law gave me the advice that when you network, everyone should know who you are. Every job I landed I just asked, ‘Hey, do you have a job for me?’ And that worked every single time! But I have to be in their faces. If I write applications, I suck at them. Cristina, The Shortcut Lab Manager

A very wise man (my father-in-law) told me Finland is not a country, it’s a club. That’s not a bad thing. Finland is built on trust, and therefore knowing you as a person is extremely important. It’s what differentiates you from the list of skills you can add to your CV. So come to Talent Heist and meet people. They are the key to the club house. Sam, Project Lead at The Shortcut

7. Use a matchmaking tool to land an interview

Talent Heist is powered by Deal Room, which is going to optimize every single connection you make. Throughout the entire event, you’ll be able to enhance your profile and send out customized messages directly to the recruiters in order to schedule an interview.

8. Make Finland’s workforce more inclusive and diverse

With Talent Heist During Slush, we’re aiming to bring together a dynamic, mixed crowd of talents, not only those local to Finland, but international visitors who come to town for Slush, or even those who might not have considered a relocation to Finland before. The Shortcut is committed to making the tech industry a more inclusive place with our many activities, workshops, and events (read our White Paper on diversity here). Finland is full of interesting opportunities, and we want to show the global tech community how diversity can fill in the talent gaps, drive growth, and inspire innovation.

Success Stories from The Shortcut

by Esmeé Xavier, Marketing Coordinator for Talent Heist, 15 November 2019.


The road to landing your dream job, or at least a satisfying job, is rarely a straight line. Every day at The Shortcut, we meet talented people from a huge range of cultural and professional backgrounds. We’re a diverse community that includes designers, writers, programmers, data geeks, and even a geomorphologist! However, we’re brought together by the common goal of disrupting the tech startup scene with our skills and projects. We want to showcase exactly how The Shortcut is driving concrete results for its community members and their careers. Here are the stories of three individuals who came to Finland and found success in transitioning into the local tech ecosystem.

Anupam Arohi

Anupam is a self-proclaimed “Technology Evangelist,” with nearly 20 years of experience in computing, ranging from software development, coaching, innovation, and AI. With a solid technology background, he has been doing computing since he was 11 years old. Before coming to Finland, Anupam has worked as a computer teacher, technical consultant, software engineer and . From 2012 to 2017, Anupam took on a role with Solibri, and made the move towards management and writing patents. He discovered The Shortcut during a break in 2017. However, his path to entrepreneurship really kicked off following his participation in the Catalyst Program last spring.

I wanted to learn about the ecosystem and The Shortcut seemed like a very good place to get the gist of it. The beginning of the Catalyst Program was quite rigorous, with lots of training, but it also connected me to very diverse people. In the beginning, it didn’t make any sense why we were all together, we all had such different skillsets. But it started to make sense, and the trainings helped with my personal development. Being in the groups helped me to see how people intake information differently.

From The Shortcut, I learned about IceBreaker.vc, as they're located in Maria01 as well. I joined a pre-founder weekend and learned more about startup life. I was having lunches with CEO’s and learned about their struggles and how to approach them. It was really nice growth for me. After 6-8 months of coaching, interviewing and networking, I got a good sense of what's needed for a startup and where I stand. I decided to go back to the corporate world, but there’s a very concrete possibility to go for entrepreneurship in the future.

Noemi Poget

If you have visited our lab in the last year, you may have been greeted with a warm smile by Noemi Poget. The Swiss-born multilingual, multi-talented journalist has had an unexpected journey, from holding a degree in Ancient Greek Language and Literature to working as an internal reporter with the International Committee of the Red Cross to saving lives in ambulances as a paramedic. Since arriving in Finland in 2018, she has held a number of jobs, including cleaner and waitress. Earlier this year, Noemi joined our Marketing & Communications team as an intern, and helped us build up our blog with solid, engaging content. Most recently, Noemi landed a full-time position as Community Manager at Maria 01. We miss her dearly, but we know she’s going to impact the startup ecosystem with her diverse skills and bright personality.

With my background, I thought people might look at me strangely because I was doing so many different things, but my logic was always to work with people. I wanted to know how people lived their lives and to learn their stories. When I moved to Finland, I discovered that I was good at networking. At The Shortcut, I had the chance to meet and connect with so many great people. But maybe the most meaningful thing I learned from The Shortcut was confidence. I finally felt like all the previous work I had done mattered and was important, and that has really made a big difference.

Blinera Meta Shala

Blinera Meta Shala has been on an accelerated career trajectory from an early start. The Kosovo native was in The Shortcut’s Catalyst Program for two weeks before landing a full time position as Product & Services Lead at The Shortcut. Soon after, Blinera was accepted into the Master of Technology at Aalto University with a focus on Creative Sustainability. She now holds the title of Business Consultant at Fluido, as well as being a Board Member with Open Knowledge Finland. If that isn’t impressive enough, Blinera also has the distinction of being featured on Forbes 30 Under 30.

What I was missing so much when I came to Finland was my professional network and connections, which I was used to having. I felt like I needed to rediscover everything when I came to Finland. Through The Shortcut, I got immediate access to a lot of companies. It gave me an overview of many of the big industries in Finland, and gave me the tools to build a solid network here. These are some of the invaluable things that The Shortcut offered me.

In Finland, it’s all about connecting to the right people, and here at The Shortcut we’re committed to making the introductions. Ready to take the plunge with us? Take part in Talent Heist, and let us match you to a high-growth company.